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Once, there were bold Errants who took up revolutionary arms in the beguiling wilds of a folklore forest. They braved duels, courted romance, and pursued their quarry in fields and noble courts alike. They sought power through high magic and fair bargain, suffered betrayals, took bloody revenge, reveled in victory, defied death, and told tales of high-flying adventure. 

Errant Deeds: Tall Tales in the Blackwood is a Forged in the Dark roleplaying game of tall tales told by these Errants. We play to find out if our fellowship thrived amidst the tangled threats of meddling elves, a realm in peril, and the tension between each Errant’s calling and follies. 

Our adventure already happened. We gather many years later in a roadside inn to recount (and embellish) the deeds that brought us together. One of us plays the Innkeeper, who knows more about our tales than they let on. The rest of us assume the role of one of four errant archetypes:

Blades are hardy warriors.

Hunters are crafty trackers and sharpshooters.

Jacks are agile and lucky tricksters.

Sages are wise and learned scholars.

The Blackwood tangled around our every step. Which of us lived, and which of us became voices from beyond the grave? Only the tale will tell.

Current Features

  • Streamlined Forged in the Dark gameplay mechanics.
  • Get into thrilling moments of folklore trouble with your friends and exaggerate yourselves back out of it.
  • Includes one shot adventure that can be used as starting situations for an ongoing campaign.
  • Content tools built into gameplay.

Upcoming Features

  • Full support for the faction level of play, including districts and claims.

Playtest Kit Contents

The .zip file of Errant Deeds includes standard and print-friendly copies of the following:

  • Playtest Kit game rules document
  • Play aid documents for The Veil and Beyond and Trailblazing content tools
  • Dice mechanic flowchart

Official Audio Drama

The Tale of Hunter's Bay is an original, 6-episode audio drama set in the world of The Blackwood. You can check out the whole series on the Misdirected Mark website [link], on your favorite podcatcher, or on YouTube!

Unofficial Playlist

Enjoy some inspiring sounds as you read Errant Deeds or as you play in your own games.


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