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Hey! I've been looking through the docs and I'm very intrigued by what I'm seeing. Thinking about taking this for a spin in the near-ish future. 

However, I do have a question. Do you have any advice for someone who'd want to take the game into their own setting, as opposed to running it in Denvorn?

Glad you're enjoying it! 

Kinda depends how far away from Denvorn you want to get, I guess.  You can play with the core rules and just ignore the faction/setting-level stuff that starts at page 33 of the v1.0 doc, but the whole game is tied pretty closely to the setting. If you want a *completely* distant experience you should probably just use the core rules, create custom playbooks, and consider how the campaign-level mechanics might be changed to fit your setting.

A fantastical and novel evolution of the Forged in the Dark rules. I didn't realize how much I loved telling stories about telling stories until my first taste of Errant Deeds.